Extension & Compensating Cables


PVC Cover
PVC covering has been widely used as a good substitute for rubber insulator. At YAMARI, PVC is used as the insulator of standard compensating cables for general use.
Recommendable Temperature Range : -20 - +80 C
Silicon Rubber Cover
Silicon rubber has been widely used as an excellent insulator with less deterioration of physical properies. It has almost same electric properties as natural rubber and no serious change in voltage withstanding occur over recommendable temperature range. It has also good resistance to chemicals (except for concentrated Alkalis), oils and grease, weather and ozone.
Recommendable Temperature Range : -60 - +250 C
Glass Fiber Cover
Glass fiber is known as a traditional high temperature insulator because it has excellent incombustibility, heat resistance, electric insulation, and chemical stability. Although single glass fiber is not hygroscopic, bundle there of are some hygroscopic. So, Silicon or other resin is impregnated and baked over them to prevent moisture absorption. 
Recommendable Temperature Range : 20 - 270 C
Teflon* (fluoric resin PTFE. FEP) Cover
Teflon is the most excellent insulator among organic materials in respect to heat resistance, chemical resistance, electric insulation, high frequency resistance, etc. High mechanical strengh and, especially, high pressure resistance in winder range of operating temperatures.
Recommendable Temperature Range : -100 - 260 C
* Teflon is the registered trade mark by Dupont, U.S.A.